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WRAP CARE SURFACE PREP Vinyl Clean and Prep Painted Automotive Surfaces (32 oz) by Croftgate

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WRAP CARE SURFACE PREP Vinyl Clean and Prep Painted Automotive Surfaces (32 oz) by Croftgate

WRAP CARE Surface Prep (32 oz) by Croftgate

Prepping and cleaning the automotive surface is the most important first step for proper adhesion! WRAP CARE Surface Prep ensures a clean surface, ideal for the application of vinyl wrap material for both wet and dry installation vinyl. An important part of vinyl graphics installation a vehicle how you prep the surface!

SURFACE PREP is part of a total Wrap Care system and does more then just clean and prep a surface!
  • Lifts and removes dust, road grime, oils, grease and more
  • Almost acts like a surface primer allowing a better spread and strong bond of vinyl adhesion to surface
  • Treats and prepares all hard surfaces
  • Helps ensure fewer customer issues like bubbles or loose adhesion
  • Use as a Surface Prep, even on very dirty surfaces.
  • No or Low odor -Easy to use wipe on and off.
  • Not Flammable/Zero VOC/No Petroleum Solvents/No Listed Hazardous Materials
  • Does not contain any alcohol or other materials that are easily in-haled, filling your work areas with strong or dangerous odors.
  • (32 oz) Size
  • Always use with clean twice folded Microfiber towels.
  • Use multiple times until your finger "drags" across the surface. If your finger "slides", clean it again!
  1. Spray onto a twice-folded microfiber towel to presoak the towel surface.
  2. Spray onto an area of wrap to be prepped and wipe area with presoaked microfiber towel.
  3. Use second clean microfiber towel to lightly buff surface dry. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until all sections are prepped, and your finger "drags" across the surface.


  • Includes : WRAP CARE Surface Prep (32 oz)
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